About Us

Education is the key aspect in a learner’s life. Have running a set of successful private schools, tuition centres, training centres and publications since 1980, the QS team decided to expand their expertise to a wider audience and have developed tutorfinder. We feel that education is the most important asset a parent can give their child. We believe in providing good quality tutoring for all members of the community.

Having had a vast amount of experience in teaching and tutoring the team have now decided to provide an opportunity to a wider pool of tutors and students. The reason for this opportunity is to meet the needs of the current clients and tutors, where they require a lot of flexibility when it comes to teaching and learning.

We provide personalized one to one lessons to cater for your child’s needs. Tutorfinder provides high quality tuition to help pupils gain confidence and self-esteem to achieve outstanding results. In addition to helping pupils overcome their difficulties, we also focus on developing basic study skills to maximize their performance.

Our highly qualified and experienced tutors at tutorfinder aim to provide a supportive environment to help pupils strengthen their understanding and knowledge. We are dedicated and committed to inspiring students to reach their full potential. Tutorfinder caters for individual needs by understanding the student's requirements and requests.