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Chemistry Degree

Mehraj M

Area: SW7

Posted: 30-09-2019

My name is Mehraj Masood and I am about to enter my third and final year at UCL, studying BSc Chemistry. I require help in understanding Inorganic Chemistry and assistance in writing up the Literature Project. Would be grateful if you could provide tutoring assistance. Kind Regards Mehraj

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Khaja A

Area: RM8

Posted: 07-08-2019

11+ Tutors needed. Please contact me urgently.

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Khaja A

Area: RM8

Posted: 02-08-2019

11+ Tutors needs for this Summer 12noon to 2pm. Every Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday.

Chemistry A-Level

Sumayyah H

Area: TN4

Posted: 13-07-2019

Hi, I’m looking for a Chemistry tutor to begin ASAP; preferably over the summer holiday period. My A-Level examinations are next year, thus this is of great importance for me. It would also be helpful if you could come to my house for sessions as opposed to vice Verda, however, in certain circumstances that can be arranged later. Sumayyah 17 years old.


Helena F

Area: CB1

Posted: 13-07-2019

We have a son that just finished his first year of A levels He did math, business and economics but will drop math this year and do psychology instead. He needs help to find a structure in his studies and extra help in economics.

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Hannah B

Area: GU7

Posted: 11-07-2019

Looking for someone to help support my daughter through entrance examinations. She especially needs extra help in English - creative writing , comprehension and spelling - though could probably benefit from some extra help in maths and science. Also often struggles with lack of confidence in her work, which could cause problems!

English LanguageGCSE

clara o

Area: SW9

Posted: 07-07-2019

i am looking for a tutor that will teach English, maths and science GCSE

Biology A-Level

Bala S

Area: ST5

Posted: 02-06-2019

Requesting Biology tutor for A levels please

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Inesa K

Area: SS2

Posted: 27-05-2019

Hi, I would like to find a tutor for my son, he is 11 years old and we are living in Southend on sea (tutor Maths and English)


Alamgir C

Area: IG1

Posted: 26-05-2019

We are looking Tutor for KS1, KS2, KS3 in English, Maths & Science Weekends from 10AM-2.30PM. If any one available for those days Please inform to me.